Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A couple weeks ago I took my kids to Mexico. Silly me, I thought I would have time to knit while traveling. I even brought some gorgeous Classic Elite Lavish cashmere which I was only allowed to caress before passing out each evening. I do manage to knit at stop lights in L.A., but there were just none to be found down there. We did drop into this adorable dulceria (candy store) though and picked up some great Mexican candy. No real chocolate to be had so by the time we arrived back in LA I was knit AND chocolate deprived. My kids were very worried about me and uncovered the emergency stash (chocolate) immediately upon our return home. It's funny my knit bag(s) took up more room than our actual luggage. But my WORST fear was the possiblity of being stuck on an isolated desert highway with NO KNITTING!!! (PS: Only two of them are mine. Hector in the middle there sold us some amazing candied almonds!)


Blogger chimbu said...

From Granny

5:46 PM  
Blogger chimbu said...

Happy we stopped for the photo. It was a cute picture.
It was the day of the soccer match with Mexico.
Everybody looks great.


Granny and Grandpa

5:48 PM  

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