Thursday, July 13, 2006

This lovely piece is an example of true cathartic knitting, or crochet in this example. This is the crochet stole from Rowan's Vintage Knit's book. There are some pieces that should only be reserved for healing a broken heart. This shawl is done on a size A crochet hook with Rowan's Kid Silk Haze and involved 6 grueling weeks of work. The tears shed as I thought of my ex-boyfriend helped to block the piece and by the time I was done I didn't even remember his name. That is true physical healing! Not recommended for those who take out their pain on others or inanimate objects...just for self punishers.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A couple weeks ago I took my kids to Mexico. Silly me, I thought I would have time to knit while traveling. I even brought some gorgeous Classic Elite Lavish cashmere which I was only allowed to caress before passing out each evening. I do manage to knit at stop lights in L.A., but there were just none to be found down there. We did drop into this adorable dulceria (candy store) though and picked up some great Mexican candy. No real chocolate to be had so by the time we arrived back in LA I was knit AND chocolate deprived. My kids were very worried about me and uncovered the emergency stash (chocolate) immediately upon our return home. It's funny my knit bag(s) took up more room than our actual luggage. But my WORST fear was the possiblity of being stuck on an isolated desert highway with NO KNITTING!!! (PS: Only two of them are mine. Hector in the middle there sold us some amazing candied almonds!)

Yarn is like candy to me. Actually, it's really like chocolate. I can't live without it...Really, truly. Sometimes just the thought of a chocolate, or worse, a yarn diet is just too much for me. A perfect example is when I look at the beautiful yarn made by Alchemy Yarns I feel woozy and almost get a head rush like when I bite into an amazing piece of say, Teuscher chocolate (thanks to my friend Ani for introducing me to that devil's treat). This leads me to my next post....

Monday, July 10, 2006

We must pay homage to Mary Hughes-Thompson. We are so lucky to have her here at The Knitter's Studio. When she is not off fighting for human rights in Iraq and other areas of the Middle East she teaches and supports our store in so many ways. She loves Koigu Well, that is an understatement....she is obsessed. Here is her Koigu Toreador Jacket and incredibly she has done the Oriental Jacket too. She knits everything she does a few times so I wouldn't be surprised if she has done several Toreadors and at least 2 OJ's!!! We have the honor of housing her Oriental Jacket here at the store...come see it as it is a work of art!!!