Sunday, April 08, 2007

I know, I know, we have not posted in almost forever here at The Knitter’s Studio blog. There has been so much going on here. First of all, I personally want to thank all of my wonderful customers, friends, family and amazing staff who have been soooooooooo supportive over the last many months. I have had quite a bit on my plate as of late, some wonderful and some just tedious and trying-that’s life. However, it has been an amazing experience going through so many things and seeing that the idea of sending positive energy out into the universe does truly come back to you! Everything we go through has a reason and always makes sense.

All along we have been working diligently (especially Sara and Mindi) to bring you our online retail website, knitculture . We are so excited as everything we have at The Knitter’s Studio store will now be available for purchase online, including all yarns, knitting needles, notions, books and accessories.
See BEEEAUTIFUL yarn ball image on your left for a preview of things to come!